Welcome to Butter Than Toast! I'm Jordyn, and I hope you enjoy your time perusing my cooking experiences.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas watching my Dad whip up tasty, simple meals for our family after working hard all day at his job. I was impressed at how quickly everything came together, despite it looking like and tasting like it had taken much longer. Pleasing three daughters was no easy feat, I am sure, but he must have done it well since all three of us enjoy being in the kitchen!

I started really cooking and trying to learn new recipes, techniques, etc. after I graduated from college and moved away from the quick and convenient student cafeteria. I enjoy cooking just about everything and am very grateful for my steadfast and wonderful husband, tasting audience and guinea pig, Travis. Having a built in floor mopper and kitchen speed bump in our adorable mutt, Otis certainly makes things interesting, as well!

With me being a Navy Nurse and Travis being a Marine Corps pilot and both of us stationed in Okinawa, Japan, many of my recipes revolve around no fuss-no muss meals that can be brought together after a very long work day (or night shift in my case!). I am also challenged by the lack of variety and certain ingredients the military grocery store is not able to stock or get to Okinawa before it goes bad. Successes, fails, and alien invasions of my kitchen are all chronicled for your learning and entertainment!

I started the blog to practice my cooking, photography and writing, all in a setting which is near and dear to my heart- the kitchen. American homes usually center around the kitchen, so I hope to create an environment where you, my dear readers, will feel like you are over at my house for a casual, heartwarming dinner. You are my guests, and I aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

I take all of the photos you will see here on the blog unless specifically noted otherwise. I use a Nikon D40, outfitted with a 50mm macro lens for most of the pictures. I try to use as much natural light as possible, but getting dinner on the table at 8 pm (2000 for you military/medical folks!) doesn't always lend itself to the most favorable and forgiving light. My photography is a work in progress!

I would love to hear from you to hear your comments, critiques, or ideas for anything you see here on the blog. I enjoy cooking dishes my friends and family will love, so if you would like to see a certain recipe here, please contact me, and I will do my best to get it posted quickly. Jordyn183(at)gmail(dot)com if you wanna chit chat!

I hope y'all enjoy your stay, and don't forget to take a plate of leftovers home with ya!


  1. I just love the exuberance that emanates from your blog. Ah, to be young and energetic.
    I would like to see some local Japanese dishes as I know nothing about them. I just purchased the national spice Togorashi and haven't the slightest idea what to do with it besides sprinkle it on a noodle bowl.
    Happy blogging!!

    1. Susan- what a wonderful suggestion! I tend to forget that while I am here I should not only be enjoying the food but trying to recreate it for when we move back to the States next fall. As far as I know about Togarashi, it's a hot pepper spice used as a sprinkling condiment and I have seen people out in town putting it on basically anything- eggs, noodles, vegetables, fries, chicken kabobs (yakitori for Japanese cuisine)- so it's uses seem endless! My sources tell me that it's not usually a main ingredient in anything, but I'll do my best to get it incorporated into recipes for you!

  2. Hey Jordyn. I'm Sarah. I grew up in Dallas as well and am a Navy wife. My husband was deployed to Okinawa two years ago. I'm really enjoying looking through your blog! I already made my two week menu and my grocery list but I knocked something off when I saw the stuffed acorn squash! Thank you for all your work over there.

    1. I love when worlds collide like this! How fun! I hope you get to make the stuffed acorn squash soon! Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog while looking for a simple chicken noodle soup recipe - I of course ventured into some of your other recipes (gyoza.. perfect!) and saw you mentioned the Navy a couple of times. I myself am in the Navy, currently stationed in Norfolk, VA. I appreciate the quickness and simplicity of your ideas and will be using them in the very near future. Late dinners are a staple for my husband and I, due to our unpredictable schedules in the military, but I'm always trying to make it interesting! Thanks again for the recipes!


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